Who Should See a Blair Chiropractor?


Most people go to a chiropractor for relief from headaches, neck pain or low back pain.  Interestingly we do not treat these conditions directly.  Instead, we address what is called the vertebral subluxation complex, or subluxation for short.  Medically the word subluxation means a slight dislocation, chiropractors have extended the definition to mean a slight dislocation causing interference to the nervous system.

The theory, which bears itself out in practice and in more and more scientific experiments, is that these chiropractic subluxations are interfering with the body’s central nervous system.  Since the central nervous system is the one system that controls and coordinates everything else in your body, interference can be and usually is disastrous.  Years may go by with one or several portions of the body slowly degenerating before the body feels pain or other symptoms show up.

Obviously most people do not come through our doors asking us to adjust their subluxation.  However, I do have a list of some of the symptoms and conditions that have gotten better after we have corrected the subluxation and restored normal nerve flow up and down the spine.

Headaches (of all types), neck pain and low back pain are the most common complaints in all chiropractic offices.  However, the fact that conditions such as FibromyalgiaChronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple Sclerosis can respond may be surprising to many of you.  These conditions are not well defined, are difficult to diagnose and are even more difficult to treat medically.

There is evidence that people respond to upper cervical chiropractic care and get better from such neurological problems as Cerebral PalsyEpilepsy, and Tourette’s Syndrome.

    In children, as well as in adults, we have seen changes in asthmaallergiesbed wettingathletic injuriesear infectionsA.D.D., A.D.H.D., and scoliosis.

Some psychological conditions such as depressionlearning disabilitiesnervousness, and restlessnesshave improved in some individuals.

Other symptoms/conditions seen resolved or improved are: arthritisarm painCarpal Tunnel Syndromechild development problemschronic infectionsconstipationdigestive problemsfemale disordersfeverfrequent coldssinus infectionshigh blood pressureimmune system deficiencyinfertilityinsomnianeuralgianumbnesstinglingpoor visioncrossed eyesT.M.J. Syndrome, and whiplash.  There are many more, too many to list.

We do not treat any of these disorders.  All we do is remove interference to your nervous system so that your body, which is the best doctor you will ever have, is then free to work.

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