Numbness or Tingling and Upper Cervical Chiropractic [Video]


Dr Gordon D. Elder of The Blair Chiropractic Clinic, Lubbock Texas explains how Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help numbing or tingling.

Now skin tingling usually comes from some kind of a compressed nerve. A common term might be a pinched nerve.  That would be one symptom that can be either because of a bone that’s slightly misaligned with another and putting pressure onto a nerve or into the area where the nerve passes through. It can be tight muscles that a nerve is passing by that are both compressing down on that nerve.

Usually it’s a musculoskeletal problem which often is one of the easiest things to take care of sometimes. It needs more than what I can do but in many cases if we can figure out which bones are putting pressure on the brain stem and how the body is reacting or compensating to that and get rid of that. If we get rid of that compensation the numbness and tingling usually goes away fairly quickly.  That’s one of the symptoms we see often disappear the fastest.



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