Multiple Sclerosis and Upper Cervical Chiropractic [Video]


In this video Dr Gordon D. Elder of The Blair Chiropractic Clinic, Lubbock Texas explains how Upper Cervical Chiropractic can be used to help those with Multiple Sclerosis.

Let’s look at Multiple Sclerosis

When I was at school I did a research paper on Multiple Sclerosis. A lot of research in the medical literature and in Chiropractic literature realize that part of the problem in Multiple Sclerosis is related to a neck injury. Almost in all cases. So the few I’ve seen in my office have recovered to a certain degree, it helps them function better. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone improve 100%. There are a couple of different kinds of Multiple Sclerosis and for some people it comes and goes and maybe it just goes for longer periods of time and when it comes it’s not as not as bad or did they need an adjustment and they pull out of it quicker. It’s an interesting disease that we don’t have all the answers to but I know that an upper cervical injury and the neck is part of the key.


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