Kids and Chiropractic


What is more precious than a child? What does a parent want more than to make sure that their child is healthy, happy and strong?

Kids need good foodgood sleep, mental stimulation and plenty of exercise. The foundation of all these things is the brain as it guides and makes us of these resources to grow a strong, straight and healthy body as well as a resilient mind.

One of the first things an embryo develops is the nervous system, made up of the brain and nerves, in order to guide the growth of the fetus. It continues to control and coordinate every part of the body throughout life.

The neck is the weakest part of the spine, and it carries the most nerves to and from your brain and the rest of your body!

A neck injury, from delivery, sports, a car accident, playing, can cause a neck bone to move and get stuck in such a way that it blocks some nerve flow right at the base of the brain. There is over 10 billion nerves at the top of the neck! When something interferes with those nerves, it can cause health problems anywhere else in the body.

After a neck injury, the body will begin to twist in order to relieve as much pressure as possible from the base of the brain. This can lead to scoliosis and arthritis later in life.

The Solution Is To Fix the Mechanical Problem First!

Then let the body do what is was made to do and grow back into health.

All Chiropractors adjust the neck, but only Upper-Cervical Chiropractors take into account that no two bodies are made the same, therefore we can fix the problem without any twisting or popping at all!

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