Head Carriage


n my office I have a 12 pound shot put. It fits in my hand nicely but it is heavy!  In fact, I think the shipping cost was as much as the original price! It is a bright, shining brass color, but as I didn’t buy it to throw, I’m not worried about marring the finish! I keep it near my feet by my standing desk and I occasionally rest my foot on top of it and roll it around. But I didn’t buy it for that either. I bought it to replace three bowling balls (10, 13 and 14 pounds). As if that explains anything!

Did you know your head is roughly the size and shape of a bowling ball?

Imagine holding up a bowling ball and almost, but not quite, resting it on your shoulder. You could probably hold it there comfortably for quite a while. However, if you were to straighten your elbow a little so that the bowling ball was in front of your shoulder by about 12 inches – how long could you hold that position? After a few moments your forearm and shoulder would start to ache and you’d feel pressure pulling that ball down.

Looking at you from the side, your head is designed to be centered directly above the main part of your body. If it is as much as one inch forward it roughly doubles in weight! Or at least that’s how it feels to your neck.Imagine carrying that around all day! Enough to cover all sorts of aches and pains throughout the body if done day after day, month after month, year after year!

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