Digestion and Upper Cervical Chiropractic [Video] February 15, 2018


Dr Gordon D. Elder of The Blair Chiropractic Clinic, Lubbock Texas explains how Upper Cervical Chiropractic can have an effect on  digestion problems.

Oftentimes people come in as patients and they have digestion issues.

They don’t come to me for that usually, they’ll come for the headaches or the neck pain or the back pain and maybe even mention several weeks later. They can see this help digestion because things seem to be working a little bit better. There’s an obvious connection your since your digestion is run by your nervous system ultimately. So if there’s a problem in the nervous system it can affect the digestive system. Sometimes it may first affect the hormones which affect the digestion or the immune system which also affects the digestion. There may be other issues involved as well but I’ve had many patients that can tell sometimes when the bone goes back out of alignment because the digestion starts to be a little more troubled again.


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