Your Body is Your Best Doctor!


Everything in the body is controlled by the brain, including things like the immune system and hormones.  The brain talks with the rest of the body through nerve fibers. The brain and nerves together make up the nervous system.

Most nerves travel from the brain down through the spine, or back bone.  The weakest part of the spine is the neck (also known as the cervical spine), especially at the very top where it joins the head.

Inside the spine all the nerves are grouped together to form the spinal cord.  The most important part of the spinal cord is also at the top where over ten billion nerves come together in an area the size of your thumb!

The Problem

The top bone in the neck can slightly dislocate from the head, creating a misalignment.  A misalignment that causes interference to the nerves is called a Vertebral Subluxation.

In order to reduce some of the interference to nerves the body will change its posture to protect the nerves in the neck. Many symptoms are related to this change in posture rather than the original problem: the Vertebral Subluxation.

Symptoms of the Vertebral Subluxation can be almost anything.  Low back pain, pain between the shoulders, neck pain, and headaches are among the most common, but any breakdown in health may be a result of the Vertebral Subluxation.

Treating symptoms or just loosening up the spine, does not fix the original problem and the symptoms will just come back or show up somewhere else.

The Solution

The solution is to find the original problem and fix it only!  Once the blockage at the top of the neck is removed there is no longer any reason for the body to compensate with bad posture and so it begins to grow back into its normal shape.  The combination of these two things permits your body to heal properly.

All chiropractors adjust the neck.  Only Blair Upper-Cervical chiropractors take into account the fact that no two bodies are the same, and the inside is as different as the outside.  Specialized x-rays allow for the design of a very light adjustment tailored especially for each individual body and condition that will slide the bone back into place without twisting or “popping” the neck.

Most people report that the first adjustment was so gentle they couldn’t tell that something had actually happened until their symptoms started to change and go away.

Because of the precision of the analysis and adjustment, most people require about 90 percent fewer adjustments than with most other chiropractic techniques.

The Results

Does this really work?  In Dr. Elder’s practice alone, he has seen the health of hundreds of patients improve after a Blair Upper-Cervical adjustment.  Although he does not specifically treat the following health conditions or symptoms, his patients report improvement or complete freedom from:

Your body has wonderful healing abilities.  Dr. Elder is committed to a chiropractic technique that gives your body the opportunity to restore itself naturally.

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